Top five news stories of the year 2018-2019

Nathan Baldwin, Editor

May 15, 2019

This past school year has been full of newsworthy events from both here in America and around the world that have had an impact on the student body. From fires to shutdowns to everything in between here are five of the most newsw...

Teens question use of cell phones, social media

Jheron Garrett, Reporter

May 14, 2019

Social media and cell phones have become a problem for the youth in this generation.  Lisa Guernsey have described a rise in sleeplessness, loneliness, worry, and dependence among teenagers — a rise that coincides with the release of the first iPhone 10 years ago. A study  b...

South students explore Europe

Corrynn Osborne

April 10, 2019

While many of us spent our spring break sleeping in and procrastinating, the Westerville South Travel Club spent their break touring popular cities in Europe including Rome, Vatican City and Sorrento. Lisa Baughman, history teac...

An Opportunity Many South Students Miss Out On

Trevor Summers, Reporter

February 25, 2019

With the ‘18-’19 school year flying by, it’s almost that time of year to be thinking about scheduling classes for next year. South has many course pathways to offer, but many students are not familiar with the CCP (Coll...

South Students Visit Crossing Borders

Trevor Summers, Reporter

January 25, 2019

On Oct. 2, several classes from Westerville South visited the Crossing Borders exhibit at The Point, at Otterbein. The Crossing Borders exhibit is an art display relating to the, often, dangerous journey many refugees here in C...

The dangers of suicide and how to get help

Lee Dildine, Reporter

January 25, 2019

No one really knows the battles that individuals go through. It is important to understand that people struggle and it’s not always easy to identify the signs of an unhealthy way of thinking; everyday, there are 123 suicide...

Caring & sharing results at Westerville South


January 1, 2019

Westerville South has completed their 27th year working with Caring & Sharing and providing christmas for families who wouldn’t have been able to have one otherwise. The goal was set at $10,000 for the 2018-2019 school year. ...

A Reflection on Space Exploration

Corie Strugach-Turner, Reporter

November 13, 2018

  Space exploration has provided benefits for the future of humanity and has affected how earth's society thrives and searches for its purpose in the universe. To answer questions concerning the benefits of space exploration...

Powder Puff at Westerville South

Jheron Garrett, Reporter

November 13, 2018

On Friday Sept. 2, 2018 the seniors dominated in the annual Westerville South Powderpuff game. Powderpuff is a fundraising event that raises money for prom in the spring. The seniors came out with a slow start because of the weather an...

Dia de los Muertos: A Remembrance of Lost Loved Ones

November 7, 2018

Dia de los Muertos, a Spanish holiday, is a festive remembrance of family and friends who have passed. Family is an essential part of Hispanic culture and many of Westerville South students share these values. “Family is ...

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