Trump refuses to concede

Jack Kielmeyer, editor

On Dec. 14, the Electoral College confirmed Joe Biden as the next president of the United States; however, sitting president Donald Trump  still refuses to concede. Even with the upcoming Jan, 20. date of President Biden’s inauguration.  

Ever since Nov. 3, President Trump has been filing lawsuits claiming voter fraud and finding ways to declare himself the winner of this election, rather than trust the data being reported. His office has filed lawsuits, requested recounts, and asked to stop all counting more than once. 

In the days following this announcement from the Electoral College, President Trump has been active on Twitter making baseless claims and citing non-credible sources. Claiming election fraud all across the country, President Trump is attempting to cling onto his position for another term. 

Today, President Trump tweeted at the Georgia Governor criticizing him for not performing legal loopholes that could potentially give him the state in the election. “Governor @BrianKempGA of Georgia still has not called a Special Session. So easy to do, why is he not doing it? It will give us the State [in the election]. MUST ACT NOW!”

At what point do we stop allowing these actions reminiscent of a toddler who tried to negotiate with his parents for a later bedtime and failed? The outcome of the election, the recounts, and the lawsuits have been confirmed by so many. So why is our sitting president not accepting these results and conceding to the rightful victor? 

I think it’s because for so long he has been able to get what he wants, to have people lie to him and tell him what he wants to hear, and now his eyes have been opened and he can see the truth. It is a truth he is unable to accept, but it is the truth nonetheless.