South Students Learn the Importance of Money Management

Corie Strugach-Turner, Reporter

May 17, 2019

As seniors approach graduation, questions begin to arise regarding how to spend, how to save, and how to ensure a comfortable financial future. Personal money management teacher, Linda Mapes, and financial algebra teacher, Andr...

Students Face Rising Issue with Gun Control

Adam Wartel, Reporter

May 17, 2019

One of the biggest issues facing students the past four years is gun control.  Gun Control has been at the forefront of political debates for years, even if very little action has been taken, with only one federal regulation sin...

Private space travel

Nathan Baldwin, Editor

May 16, 2019

In recent years, the world has been amazed by the numerous launches of the reusable rockets of private space companies, such as the recent test launch of a Dragon II capsule capable of flying astronauts by SpaceX or the numerous test ...

Duck and Cover becomes the new norm for schools

Grace Bobel, Editor

May 16, 2019

Duck and Cover, the sing-song symbol for the United States of the cold-war era. From post-war 1940s until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the threat of atomic apocalypse loomed over the heads of citizens, most espec...

Female Superheroes Inspire Youth

Caroline Stoll, Editor

May 16, 2019

Friday, March 8 marked the release of a new superhero movie, Captain Marvel. What makes this movie so special isn't the intense fighting or the triumphant music, or even the fact that it's a Marvel superhero movie. No, what ma...

‘Zombie Deer Virus’ infects deer across the country

May 16, 2019

A deadly disease is infecting the population of deer and similar hoofed animals, like moose and elk, causing the deer to go into a sort of ‘zombified’ state according to The disease is scientifically called Chronic...

Senioritis strikes America

May 16, 2019

Coming back from Spring Break signals a change in the atmosphere of high schools all across America. As the days get warmer and brighter, the encapsulating walls of school are no longer able to hold their respective students ...

Top five news stories of the year 2018-2019

Nathan Baldwin, Editor

May 15, 2019

This past school year has been full of newsworthy events from both here in America and around the world that have had an impact on the student body. From fires to shutdowns to everything in between here are five of the most newsw...

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