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The Student News Site of Westerville South

The Scribe

The Scribe

The Student News Site of Westerville South

The Scribe

The Student News Site of Westerville South

The Scribe

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A slide showing the dates for upcoming FAFSA completion workshops over the next months.
Seniors Seek Scholarships and Fight for FAFSA
Eric Kim, Reporter • November 1, 2022

Unlike most students, Senior Natalie Ma is familiar with FAFSA and scholarships and how they apply to the college application process. Ma found...

An infographic showing how the Biden Administration is planning to address issues affecting the LGBTQ community.
Westerville School District Clarifies new LGBTQ Policies
Sophia Wright, Reporter • November 1, 2022

On Sept. 22, the Westerville City School District sent a letter out to parents regarding the new LGBTQ+ policies in response to the new interpretation...

South Strives to Secure Student Safety
Marta Arn, Reporter • October 25, 2022

Safety has been an issue plaguing schools across the country for decades, yet recent local events have brought the issue to Westerville South’s...

South Students Should Study for the SAT, ACT
Anne Keir, Reporter • October 25, 2022

No senior or junior ever wonders what is an ACT or SAT? But, underclassmen might not be as schooled on the topic.  The sophomore class of...

Westerville South hosts IB family STEM night
Godfred Nyafre, Reporter • August 14, 2022

 On Nov. 30, Westerville South IB students provided a learning opportunity for the community, students, staff, and families to learn about STEM...

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2/1 BHM Profile: Thurgood Marshall
Daniel Boudreau, Editor-in-Chief • February 1, 2023

Thurgood Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2, 1908, his father William Canfield Marshall, had a hobby of following legal cases;...

Wildcats Finish First Quarter; Look to Improve Next Quarter
Lily Meek, Reporter • November 24, 2022

When teachers say they want to help students, they really do.  Teachers want to help their students be successful and reach their full potential.  “I...

This turkey cant gobble anymore after a few hours of being in the smoker.
Thanksgiving Traditions Take a Turn
Kyleigh Eckert, Reporter • November 11, 2022

Families all around the United States sit down around a table on the fourth Thursday of November every year and fill their stomachs till it aches....

The current members of the Power to Poets club at the Oct. 19th informational meeting. Brandi Young and Nabiha Ilkaqor are 4th and 3rd from the right respectively.
South Junior Brings Power to Poets
Daniel Boudreau, Editor-in-Chief • November 1, 2022

The list of Westerville South’s many clubs and afterschool activities has just received its latest addition in the form of the Power to Poets...

Aurelia Ledbetter strikes a pose at OtherWorld, an art installation in Columbus, OH.
Spotlight on South Students
Emma Johnson-Anderson, Reporter • November 1, 2022

Junior Aurelia Ledbetter has been working hard her first three years of high school. She is a three year varsity volleyball player who enjoys...

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Freshly conscripted Russian soldiers preparing to depart to join the war in Ukraine. These new soldiers were average Russian citizens mere weeks ago.
The Tribulations of Tyranny
Daniel Boudreau, Editor-in-Chief • December 1, 2022

Russia has been ruled by tyrants for centuries, from the rule of the Tsars, to the days of communism, and now, Vladimir Putin's puppet democracy....

Psychology Supports “Silly” Superstitions
Psychology Supports “Silly” Superstitions
Nina Goodlett, Co-Editor in Chief • September 14, 2022

To never walk under a ladder to avoid a black cat's path, people have leaned on superstitions for their good luck. These things sound silly at...

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Tuesday Jan. 24 Announcements
January 24, 2023

The next Key Club meeting will be held in room 2109 today after school   Recycling will be picked up on the second floor today during...

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