South Students take on New Year

Kimberly Reyes, Reporter

In the spirit of the new year, South students are excited and ready to better themselves in all different aspects of their life by creating new year resolutions. 

According to, “92% of Generation Z” made a resolution this year. These resolutions relate to money, self-improvement, family, love, health, and career.  

Senior Ini Oyewusi, has many resolutions this year which includes maintaining her grades in college, creating a more balanced life, and learning how to play a new instrument. “I hope to learn how to play the harp and pick up something else along the way,” she said.

Last year was unpredictable for everyone. This is why Oyewusi believes these resolutions are important. “If I can find some stability in my life and hold on to it and be consistent, I  know that will really help ground me,” she said.

Along with Olyewusi, Junior Emma Miller aims to keep her grades up this year. Extra steps she will be taking to not fail this resolution includes, “Starting my school work earlier and not procrastinating,” Miller said. 

Junior Yaretzi Centeno is planning for her future and has decided to make saving more money as one of her resolutions. “I want to have money to be able to enjoy the time after I graduate,” she said. She hopes to accomplish this by putting a set amount of money into saving every time she gets paid and not eat out as much. 

Many students had resolutions of self-improvement. Sophomore Caylin Miller hopes to stay positive even when things are bad; whereas, Junior Jillian Pride plans to become more flexible when things change. 

Senior Haleigh Still is determined to stick with her faith and grow it in 2021. “ I will make sure I do different things to grow my faith this year like attending journaling and praying everyday and talking to people about my faith,” she said. 

In hopes to better herself physically, Freshman Kayla Saunders aims to go to the gym more this year. “It will allow me to stay in shape for the sports I play and make me a better player,” she said. 

Senior PJ Wilson has a resolution of hanging out with the right group of people. “I believe it will help me accomplish more in life and get me to where I want to be,” he said. 

Although many students have high hopes to achieve their resolutions this year, some students didn’t achieve the resolutions they made last year. 

Wilson was one of these students, his resolution last year was to get better grades, “I gave up once Covid 19 hit. I wasn’t used to online and got too relaxed” he said. However, he plans to stick with his resolutions this year. 

Olyewusi did stick with her resolutions last year which included getting into her dream school, Colgate University and learning how to play the ukulele. “It may not have been easy or had been done the way I expected, but I can confidently say that I’m proud I accomplished those two things,” she said.

It’s a new year and whether or not past resolutions were not fulfilled, there is still plenty of time to accomplish them this year.