Netflix removes fan favorites for the new year

Maeve Stacey, Reporter

It’s the beginning of the new year; and like the start of many things, it’s out with the old and in with the new. 

Netflix along with many other streaming networks follow this claim and get rid of shows and movies that have been on the network for a while and add new ones. There are many bingeable and enjoyable shows and movies streaming on Netflix; and when they get rid of these shows and movies, people are going to be upset. 

People like watching their favorite shows or movies whenever they can on the biggest streaming service, Netflix. Senior, Riley Andrews can agree that watching Netflix can help fill the void of things to do while the pandemic is keeping many people at home.     

     In September of last year, “That 70s Show” left Netflix and Senior Ini Oyewusi was upset about the removal because it was one of her favorite shows. With Netflix and other streaming services removing some of their most popular shows, many people will be searching other places to find what they want to watch.  

Senior Abbey Williams has said that if her favorite shows or movies are not on Netflix or Hulu; she uses unsafe websites that have almost any movie you could want to watch. Even with the risk of her device getting viruses, she still uses these websites because they have what she wants to watch. 

At the beginning of this year “The Office” was taken off of Netflix and many people have expressed their sadness. Students William Livingston, Cherie Stone, and Ava Kellar used to enjoy watching “The Office” on Netflix, but now that it is gone they feel a void and are struggling to find a show to replace it. These students are upset that their favorite show was taken off Netflix because it was funny and no other show was like “The Office.”    

Andrews and fellow senior, Georgia Santino, enjoyed watching “Friends” on Netflix, until it was taken off late in 2019. Although the departure of ‘Friends’ was last year, people are still devastated that it was removed. 

Many people, like Senior  Rita Bragina and Santino watched the show “Gossip Girl” on Netflix until it was removed late in December. They now have to search for new shows to watch to fill the gap that “Gossip Girl” created for them.  

Many of these students are so upset about their favorite shows being taken off Netflix because it provided them with joy and something to do. When watching shows Kellar has said that she connects herself to the characters, like they are real people, and many others can agree with her. When shows are taken off people feel like a part of them has left as well because they are so attached to the characters and the plot.  

The shows that Netflix has taken off have taken a toll on people and these students’ happiness because they are attached and can relate to the show and the characters within the show. Now these students and others struggle finding a new show because they are not as attached to the plot and the characters. 

Although Netflix has removed many fan favorites, it has added many more shows and movies that have topped the list. In late December, Netflix added the period drama “Bridgerton”, which was on Netflix’s top ten list. 

Netflix also released the third season of “Cobra Kai”, which follows “Karate Kid” over 30 years after the first movie. The fourth and final season of “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” was also released and it follows teen witch Sabrina Spellman and all the troubles she has to face.  

Netflix adds and removes shows and movies nearly every month and sometimes the removal leaves a lasting impact on frequent watchers, but Netflix always offers options.