Senior events being planned to meet Covid guidelines

Jack Rockwood, Reporter

With only two months until graduation, major events for seniors including prom, and the graduation ceremony are still being planned to meet Covid guidelines. 

Graduation plans remain somewhat fluid; we are sticking with our date and time of 10a.m. on Saturday, May 29.  Currently, we are planning to host the event in our stadium,” Principal Mike Hinze stated. “We will keep everyone updated as we get closer to the big day,” he added. 

Hinze also stated that each senior will have four tickets for visitors.  He said the tickets will be color coded, with half of the class in the home stands, and the other half in the away stands. The rain date for the graduation ceremony is on May 30 at the same time, which is 10 a.m. 

Seniors are also looking forward to their senior prom, but due to the coronavirus, “Prom is not going to look like prom,” Hinze stated.

I hope that there will be a prom, but I only want there to be a prom if there will be safety precautions, Senior Haylee Glover stated, “So I don’t know if that would fall under the traditional label.”

“As of now we will not be having a prom unfortunately. . .we are trying to plan an alternative gathering with masks and following Covid guidelines of course,” Class of 2021 Social Chairperson Ini Oyewusi stated. “Tentatively save the date for May 8, but we are still waiting on guidance from the governor about events,” Oyewusi added.

Currently the guidance for prom provided by the governor is that there can be no dancing and no buffets. Students must remain seated and wearing masks unless eating; and with the current limitations, not even all of the seniors would fit.

On April 5 Governor Mike DeWine announced new regulations regarding graduations and proms statewide, “The big takeaway is yes you can have festivals, parades, graduation, and prom,” said DeWine.

“We’re looking to submit plans to hold it outdoors, maybe do a movie night,” Hinze stated.

According to Hinze, Evening of Excellence will be in the stadium or gym with just seniors and no family.  He said it will be held the week before graduation, but the date depends on games and weather.  “We might be cursed on Evening of Excellence with rain and bad weather,” Hinze added.

Senior desert is scheduled for May 20, from 4:30-6:00 p.m., this will also be just seniors and no family. “Senior class officers and I have been discussing moving the event outside to our stadium due to Covid restrictions,” 2021 class advisor Sarah Detrick stated. “If the weather does not permit, we may have the event online.”

Just like all field trips this school year, the senior class trip has also been canceled. “Dr. Kellogg has given the directive that there cannot be a senior trip this year,” Detrick stated. 

Finally, most seniors will celebrate graduating by holding a grad party; but with Covid, they will look a bit different. “I’m not your family, families will do what they feel is best. Our nurse would say keep gatherings to a minimum, stay outside, keep wearing masks, we all know how to act by this point,” Hinze stated. 

I will be holding a very small graduation party, but masks and social distancing will be required,” Glover stated.

“Make sure to keep yourselves safe and also keep in my mind the safety of others,” Oyewusi stated, “I know it’s not the senior year we imagined but we should still be grateful for what we have now.”