Wildcat Football Comes to a Close

Lauryn Bowie, Social Media Manager

After an exciting run, the Wildcat football season has come to a close. The ‘Cats went 8-3, finished second in the OCC Buckeye Division and made it to the second round of state playoffs. 

Assistant Coach Marques Parks had a lot of great things to say about the program this season. “Our leadership this year was amazing; I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys.”

Parks said that as a staff they learned a lot about what works for the guys and what they can do to keep the program running at such a high level. “As a staff, we learned when our boys had great weeks of practice, we dominated the game that week.” The coaches call this “winning practice”.  

Senior Karson Lane said, “Winning practice was always a goal for us, each week and the weeks we lost, we definitely lost practices those weeks.”

Parks added that the ‘Cats defense really outdid themselves this season. “I loved watching our defense grow this season and really dominate games.” Parks said Senior Jav’ier Wills really came into his own this year. Along with players Jack Bates and Jude Kowlaski. 

The 2022 graduating class of Wildcats will definitely leave a dent in the program. Parks said the class had such strong leaders and really set the tone for how the program should be run. 

“Losing people like Kaden Saunders, Tyler O’Reilly, Brandon Armstrong, Nadir Carpenter, Jack Bates, Thomas Zerman and more is going to leave a dent in our program for sure.”

Parks also looks at these losses as wins. “I think with all of these guys leaving, it will light some fire under the younger guys. They watched these guys make plays for years and know they have some big shoes to fill.” 

All in all, South had a great season. The ‘Cats left their mark on the OCC and plan to make an even bigger one next season.