A Fun Freshman Year

Lauryn Bowie, Social Media Manager

Freshman Alanyna Gibbs is loving her time at Westerville South so far. Gibbs said the transition from middle school to high school was a lot easier than she expected.

 “Meeting the upperclassmen and other freshmen during the summer when volleyball started was super nice. I went into the school year already having friends,” Gibbs said.

She also added that Reston Randal, Summer Hale, and Coach Jermaine Guice have also helped smooth the transition. “They make it really easy to feel comfortable and safe”. 

Gibbs is very active in the Wildcat athletic program. She participates in Girls’ volleyball and basketball and plans to be a part of the Girl’s softball team. “I love how much support the sports at South get; it’s like everyone wants the best for each other,” she said. 

Gibbs shared that so far Wildcat football Friday nights have been her favorite part of the year. She added that she never knew how fun the student section could be. 

Gibbs is known to be very hardworking and dedicated by her teachers and coaches. When asked who inspires her to be this way, she said her father. Gibbs said her father has “ always been super hard working and I want to have those same characteristics.” 

Gibbs has proven this to be true in the classroom, ending the first quarter with a 4.0 GPA. “Having good grades has always been important to me,” she said.

When Gibbs is not playing sports or working hard in the classroom, she said she relaxes by listening to music, taking a much-needed nap, and hanging out with friends. 

All in all, Gibbs is thrilled with her experience at Westerville South and is glad she gets to spend her high school career as a Wildcat.