Spring break plans for Ohio locales



This image was provided by Ohiodnr.gov. The picture above portrays one of the many waterfalls that Hocking Hills State parks has open to visitors; those who are in for a hike can enjoy many views like this over spring break.

Rowan Ratvasky, Photographer

Not everyone gets to travel out of state or go on a far away vacation when they get time off of school. Some don’t even get to leave the Columbus area. 

With the weather beginning to get warmer, and the snow beginning to melt, here are some possible activities and places to visit this upcoming spring break. 

Those who have the ability to drive or are able to find proper transportation but still want to stay in-state have the chance to visit some of the more touristy spots that Ohio has to offer. 

Just a quick two hour drive up north, spring breakers can enjoy the great Lake Erie. While it’s most likely still too cold to swim, anyone can still enjoy the beautiful views and activities that northern Ohio offers. 

One possible destination is Euclid Beach park. According to thisiscleveland.com, Euclid Beach Park has hundreds of miles of scenic trails for visitors to traverse. 

Senior Maggie Fenwick and her family sometimes go up to Cleveland and the northern Ohio area over spring break. 

“In Cleveland, there’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point and Lake Erie,” Fenwick said. 

Just an hour drive southeast presents the Hocking Hills, which is perfect for a day hiking trip. Hocking Hills state park has many trails and caverns, including the popular Old Man’s Cave. 

On a more local aspect, the Westerville and the Columbus area also have lots of possible activities for spring breakers. 

The Other World is a popular location to visit here in central Ohio. The Other World is a museum-like entertainment center that provides interactive and immersive rooms to explore. General admission tickets start at $25. 

“It was really fun. I haven’t been there since when I was in Middle School so I was about 14-13 years old but it was really fun. It is definitely something I might recommend people to go and experience,” Senior Chelsea Odoi said. 

Over spring break, those who have more free time have the opportunity to get out and try new things. “I’ve never had Korean barbecue so that would be very interesting and also my friend wants me to try Mexican food and I’ve never had Mexican food or anything close to that so it’s really interesting to try,” Odoi said. 

There are also many shops in uptown Westerville for people to enjoy. 

“Shirley’s popcorn in uptown has incredible popcorn and a new book Cafe just opened called Birdy Book Cafe that I’d like to try out and hopefully other people do too,” Fenwick said. 

Spring break also gives many an opportunity to have more family time. 

School Librarian Brandi Young likes to spend time with her 6 year old son over spring break. “I like to take them to the pool, the playground, and to the zoo,” Young said. 

Those who cant travel out of state this spring break, should try exploring some of the many activities and locations that are right here in Ohio.