Taking a Knee to Take a Stand: Just Do It

Antonio Watkins, Editor

Another year another knee, Colin Kaepernick remains steadfast on his civil protest and in doing so he secured a major deal with Nike, proving that when you do the right thing good things happen to you.

Not everyone is on board with the new face of Nike. Some are even going to lengths as far as burning their Nike clothing. Citizens are upset because of Kaepernick’s stance of taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality. Nevertheless, Nike is standing behind their decision.

Regardless of right or wrong, it is understandable that not everyone would receive this change the same, as not everyone shares the same beliefs, especially about the issues of police brutality or patriotism.

Kaepernick began this whole protest as a result of the incessant slayings of unarmed black men and women by police.  According to The Washington Post, there have been 13 unarmed black men and women killed this year. With that being said, even if you don’t agree with his methods, can you really blame Kaepernick for wanting to take a stand?

The biggest, yet most flawed, argument against Kaepernick’s kneeling is that it’s offensive to military veterans. Yet, it was a US Green Beret and NFL player Nate Boyer who told Kaepernick that taking a knee would be more respectful than taking a seat during the national anthem, which was Kaepernick’s initial response. Boyer informed Kaepernick that taking a knee is a sign of respect, as soldiers take a knee in front of their fallen brothers graves as a sign of reverence and admiration. With that being said, the whole “disrespect to veterans” argument becomes null and void.

Despite negative reactions and outrage that has been sparked due to Nike naming Kaepernick the face of their brand, I am all for it. This move shows solidarity and compassion on Nike’s behalf because Nike chose to take a polarizing stance on a century long issue. Though many of Kaepernick’s counterparts chose not to ally themselves with him in his protest, Nike came in regardless of the effect this could have on their sales.

Kaepernick is not only taking a knee but he’s taking a stand against police brutality, racism, and hate. With Nike showing their support, they have not only showed us that Kaepernick is doing the right thing, but also if you feel passionate about an issue and want to take a stand… Just Do It.