U.S. Midterms have Varying Results

Adam Wartel, Reporter

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On Nov. 6, millions of people across the U.S. voted in hundreds of elections across the country.  The 2018 midterm elections were an important election for Democrats, as they tried to take back The Senate and The House of Representatives, amongst many other state legislatures.

In the Senate, the Republicans gained 2 seats and held the majority, which is now 53-47 in their favor.  A majority in the Senate is important, as it is the chamber of congress which controls the confirmation process of judicial nominees.

The House of Representatives, on the other hand, flipped to Democrat, with Democrats gaining a majority, currently at 225-197, with 13 races not yet decided.  While not quite as influential as a Senate majority, a House majority controls the creation of “spending bills.” The Speaker of the House, often considered one of the most powerful people in Washington, is expected to be California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, but remains to be decided by a vote in the House.

36 Gubernatorial races were on the ballot this year, with the 14 not up for election being evenly split between Democrat and Republican.  Early results show many previously Republican-held Governorships flipping to Democrat. One race (GA) has not been called yet, but will likely be won by Republican Brian Kemp.  In Florida, Andrew Gillum is behind Ron DeSantis by .4 %, which triggered an automatic recount, which has not yet been completed. Both states were previously Republican controlled.

30 of the State Legislatures across the country are Republican controlled, and 19 held by Democrats (1 State Legislature is split) after the Midterms.  30 State governments (Legislature and Governor) are also Republican, 19 are Democrat, and 1 is split.

In Ohio, Mike DeWine won the Gubernatorial race against Rich Cordray.  DeWine keeps the state’s Governorship Republican with his victory.

All 16 seats in the House of Representatives were up for vote this year, with 12 being won by Republicans.  Among those is Ohio District 12, with the highly contested race between Troy Balderson and Danny O’Connor going to Balderson, who also won the August special election for former Rep. Tiberi’s seat (which was also against O’Connor).

Senator Sherrod Brown’s seat in the U.S. Senate was on the ballot as well, with Republican Jim Renacci running against him.  Brown won the Senate race by an approximately 5% margin.

Republicans hold a 63-36 majority in the State House, as well as in the State Senate, which is currently a 10-6 majority, with Anne Gonzalez (R) and Tina Maharath (D) is currently in a recount.