Powder Puff at Westerville South

Jheron Garrett, Reporter

On Friday Sept. 2, 2018 the seniors dominated in the annual Westerville South Powderpuff game. Powderpuff is a fundraising event that raises money for prom in the spring.

The seniors came out with a slow start because of the weather and atmosphere but when they got on the field, things started to kick up when Peyton Guice got a interception for a touchdown on the first drive.

After the first touchdown, the seniors just started to roll on for the rest of the game. Senior head coach Michael Dailey said “After the first drive that’s when everyone clicked in and were determined to win it all.”

The seniors caused a turnover everytime they were on defense and shutout the freshman with a score of 47-0, with touchdowns coming from Peyton Guice, Sommer PItzer and Allison Ricker.

The sophomores and juniors had a hard battle game against each other and it went down to the wire with the juniors coming out with the win with a score of 8-0.

Going into the championship game the seniors were determined to win because they had already watched the juniors struggle to beat the sophomores by only 8 points.

At the start of the second game, senior assistant coach Jude Pedrozo said, “The energy was high and and everyone was excited.”

The biggest threat the seniors had defensively was the plays the juniors were running. Juniors had someone to cover the play everytime and once they stopped the plays, seniors started to get on a roll again as they shutout the juniors 32-0, with touchdowns coming from Peyton Guice, Sommer Pitzer and Allison Ricker.