Boys Westerville South Basketball

Jheron Garrett, Reporter

The 2018-2019 basketball season has been a roller coaster for The Westerville South boys basketball team, but with wins against both Westerville teams, Westerville South “rules the ville.”

This season Coach Ed Calo has worked with a shorter height  with senior Manny Sunnyway being the tallest player on the court at six feet three inches. Has made the team a team that will play their hardest until the end of the game.

The team has worked with giving younger guys onto the team a role on the team and they include Sophomores Jaden Guice and Pete Pedrozo.

Pedrozo said that age doesn’t matter to play on the varsity squad. “If a player has the hustle Coach Calo is looking for a player can see a role on the court on gameday”.

Senior Jordan Mcmillan has really stepped up for the Cats this season, averaging 21.9 points per game. Mcmillan dropped 26 points against Westerville Central on Jan.11, 2019. Mcmillan said that all he wants to do is win. “Winning is the main focus; the stats and accolades come later,” said Mcmillan.

Sunnyway was injured with a dislocated collarbone against Westerville Central while going for a loose ball. Senior Jacob Singleton was asked how his injury impacts the team and he said that “it will impact the team in a major way because Manny was the team’s leading rebounder, assists and steals leader, but now it’s time for the rest if us to step and play more scrappy than we usually do.”

Sunnyway added, “This season the team’s strengths have been definitely the intensity and the need to win. The weakness has only been the size of the team but we find a way around that because we’re conditioned the right way.”

The biggest games this season have obviously been the Westerville North and Central games because if you “rule the ville” you’re able to have that all year until the next season. Westerville South won games against both Westerville North and Central. The score versus Westerville North was 69-57, and the score of the Central game was 69-45. Westerville South is a hard working team, and the way they play shows.