Superbowl 2019 events and plays

Mark Macharia, Reporter

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The Patriots faced the Los Angeles Rams on the Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019. For most parts of the country, change is what people wanted, hoping the Rams would take down the powerhouse Patriots in Super Bowl 53.

The game was a big time defensive game from the second it started. Tom Brady even threw his first interception in all 9 of his Super Bowl games.

Back and forth both teams struggled to score a touchdown as each team continuously punted the ball back to the other team. The score at the first half ended up being 3 to 0 with the Patriots leading.

Although Julian Edelman of the Patriots was having a wonderful game, he totalled 10 receptions with a total of 141 yards, but he couldn’t complete a touchdown.

As the third quarter came around the Rams were able to get a field goal tying the game 3 to 3 .

During the fourth quarter, the Patriots finally found success.

With 7 minutes remaining  Tom Brady threw the ball to Rob Gronkowski that lead to an easy run to earn a touchdown by Sony Mitchell.

The Patriots were then ahead 10 to 3

The Rams had time to tie the game with the 7 minutes remaining, but the run and the defense of the Patriots was better than the Ram’s offense.

As the Rams failed to tie the game the Patriots worked their way to a good distance to kick the field goal. They went up 13 to 3 with 40 seconds remaining.

The Patriots became the champions leading to Tom Brady’s 6th championship which is  the same as their head coach, Bill Belichick.

Julian Edelman, the receiver for the Patriots won the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, as he achieved his 3rd championship.