Female Superheroes Inspire Youth

Caroline Stoll, Editor

Friday, March 8 marked the release of a new superhero movie, Captain Marvel.

What makes this movie so special isn’t the intense fighting or the triumphant music, or even the fact that it’s a Marvel superhero movie. No, what makes this one special is the fact that it features a female superhero.

Minorities in superhero movies have been something scarcely seen until recently. On June 2, 2017,  Wonder Woman was released and it changed  how females were represented in Hollywood superhero films.  It was a high production and recent film that had a lot of support from the public. With earning over $4 million according to Box Office Mojo.

However, superhero movies are not just entertainment. They are inspiration for people. Superheros show us that we can do the impossible. Whether they climb walls, fly around, or save the world, they make people feel empowered and that anything can be done.

As a child it’s amazing to have someone to look up to and for many kids superheros are those inspirational role models.

Therefore, as females it is important to be represented and have our own role models to look up to.

The change in Hollywood provides hope that gender roles are changing. With more females in Hollywood films, it may help to influence politics and the real world.

But, it is not just superheros on the screen that inspire people.  Real life heroes such as American poet Maya Angelou and Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg help tell women that they can be whatever they want.  Tennis player Serena Williams and Gymnast Simone Biles show athletes that the can be great.

Superheroes help to encourage people to be heros in their own lifes. Whether that means being a doctor, lawyer, police officer, or even a mom, they can be whoever they want.

Female superheroes help boost confidence and let women know that they can do anything they want and make an impact in people’s lives.

Having inspiration motivates and helps push people to believe that they can do it.

So the next time you see a superhero movie, remember that everyone has the opportunity to be the hero in their own community.