Westerville South’s Greatest Sports Moments

Jheron Garrett, Reporter

Westerville South High School has had a lot of great sports moments in the last couple of years, but  one has stood out more than the others. In March of 2016, Westerville South boys basketball team went to the OHSAA Division 1 state championship game. Having lost the year before the boy’s won 57-55 with a game winning shot by Jordan Humphrey with 1.9 secs left to take the lead.

Senior Emmanuel Sunnyway who attended the game said that it was one of the craziest experiences he’s ever had. What made the game so good was that they kept going back and forth until the end so you had no idea who was going to come out on top. Sunnyway said that the atmosphere was like no other because everyone was on their feet the whole game. It was all positive vibes, which he thinks helped contribute to the players hype.

Teacher Andrea Gaul said that the whole game everybody was so energetic and loud ; but the last few possessions, the crowd would get quiet with each shot, especially the last shot of the game. The students were so quiet that you could hear the swish of the shot being made and then when he made it the crowd erupted when he sunk the shot. Gaul explained that the shot had made her feel like she was apart of the team herself.

Senior Kendall Browne said  his favorite sports moment was playing in a double overtime game against Worthington Kilbourne. Browne’s reasoning for that game is because of how much excitement the game brought when they were down two touchdowns going into the fourth quarter. But came back to send it to overtime and win in the following overtime.

Senior Gideon Abimbola explained that his favorite sport’s moment was from last year when he was able to compete in the Ohio High School State Championship for track. Abimbola participated in the 4×100 meter race and took 3rd place, overall, in the state of Ohio.

Senior Sommer Pitzer said being able to go to the semi finals this past basketball season was her favorite High School moment. Pitzer explained that being able to be apart of such a great thing made the moment feel even better. The girl’s basketball team made it to the district finals last season but were able to improve by making it to the next round this year.

Senior Mason Crow explained that his favorite sport moment at Westerville South was being able to compete for the men’s swim team at the district tournament. Crow explained that this season he has worked hard to get to districts and he had finally made it. Crow had made it to sectionals the previous year but didn’t make it to districts, which disappointed him. This season he reached his goal.

Senior Dylan Gary’s favorite sports moment was making it to the regional championship last season for the men’s soccer team. Gary said that it was not easy making it to that point of the season because of all the great teams they played. Gary said that the whole season was exciting but making it that far into the season made it all well worth it.

Senior Michael Dailey explained his favorite sports moment was his last home game class of 2018  last year. Dailey said that the guidance he got from them helped make him more capable of a leader and better athlete for his senior season.