‘Cats drag a 4-0 start into Homecoming

Isaac Severing, Reporter

The Westerville South Football team is taking on Reynoldsburg for their homecoming game this Friday. Along with a division one opponent, the ‘Cats have a  4-0 start to this season.

Coach Matthew Christ credits the team’s success to, “There were very few plays early on where a player flat-out screwed his assignment up.” South is coming for heads this season, and the way it’s preparing for these schools is impressively simple.

South is simply focusing on its players and what is in its control. Senior Brendan Cleaver said, “…we trained harder than most of the other OCC teams this year. We were grinding in our offseason and trying to get better every day.”

The Wildcats are getting ready to tackle these larger schools the same way they’ve been working since last winter: holding themselves responsible for their assignments and putting their focus in training and each other.

In an interview with Senior Jaelon Gordon, a free safety on the team, Gordon described the connection that his teammates share. “…it’s us versus the world. We are a lot more disciplined than we were in the past. I’m excited about what this team has to offer in the next few months,” Gordon said.  

Being friends with teammates is nothing new, but the team stands out in other ways.

Coach Christ’s football program can be described, according to him, simply as “assignment football.” This is to mean that every player has a very specific job for every play called on offense, or an assignment to respond or attack while defending. The success of the team relies solely on individual players doing their jobs. 

The use of ‘assignment football’ puts the responsibility on the players themselves, making each train themselves into varsity players. Coach Christ said that this squad has the best chemistry and more depth.  He stated that every player on the team is there for their ability, and no one gets to put in any less than their best effort. 

Finally, Coach Christ emphasized that everyone who gets in has put the work in to become a varsity player.