Westerville South students start creative businesses to make money during a pandemic


Photo courtesy of @EllesSewingShop Instagram

Elle Rollyson modeling a homemade mask

Chloe Carnes, Reporter


Students at Westerville South are reaching out into the business world. Many have started businesses over the past year due to losing their job from the pandemic or needing something to keep them busy. 

Junior, Laney Walden, runs a photography business that took off late 2019. Laney has taken athletic team pictures, candids and even senior pictures. Walden said what made her realize she wanted to start a business was the fact that she wanted to start saving money for gas and college. 

She said that she was really busy and didn’t necessarily have time for a regular job, Walden had already been taking pictures and was interested in photography, so her mom gave her the idea to start a business out of it.

Walden has several goals and ambitions for her growing business throughout 2021. “I want to double the amount of photoshoots as last year, and buy a new lens for my camera along with new editing software,” Walden said.

She is also excited to see where and how her business will grow in the future and where it will take her. If you want to book an appointment or reach out to Walden, you can go to her website, https://emmarosephotographyoh.wordpress.com/ or follow her photography instagram @emmarosephotography.ohio.

Another flourishing business created by a junior at South is EllesSewingShop on Etsy run by Elle Rollyson. Rollyson sews anything you could want from clothing to blankets to masks. “It started when I was helping my neighbor sew masks for her Etsy shop. I picked up on it really easy and she suggested I make my own shop, so I did,” she explained. 

Rollyson’s business started in July 2020 to help people get affordable masks and help her save money. She loves to sew so she turned her hobby into a job where she can be home and comfortably sew while simultaneously making money. 

“Anyone wanting to start a business should jump on it, promote a lot and have your friends or parents help promote it to get it off the ground. Once you gain traction and get people to start talking about you and your business, it becomes a lot easier and you’ll be nonstop busy,” Rollyson encourages. 

Rollyson is active on instagram and facebook @EllesSewingShop to promote, and get in contact with customers. You can also directly buy from Etsy shop @EllesSewingShop.