Spotlight on WSHS Senior, Reign Winston

Reign Winston competing in the high jump event during a track meet

Madi O'Neill, Reporter

Senior Reign Winston is a dual athlete, who has found ways to navigate sports, school, as well as life in general due to his support system.

Winston has always been surrounded by sports; they were a big part of his life, but he was never forced into them by his parents. By fourth grade, he decided he wanted to start playing basketball. His track career began much later.

He inadvertently chose to start running track his junior year. One day he showed up to watch track practice because his girlfriend had invited him. “…then the coaches came up to me and asked if I would try high jump, and next thing you know I’m out there practicing,” he said.

When it comes to sports like track and basketball, Winston likes to keep himself healthy both mentally and physically by giving himself time to relax. He does so by writing, watching movies and shows while icing and stretching.

Life can get difficult at times;and for Winston, his biggest support system includes his family and his girlfriend. He said, “They are always there for me, and in my corner.” 

Part of his support system is his dad, WInston shared that he is also his biggest inspiration.

“I’ve always seen him sacrifice so much for me and watching him pursue his dreams inspired me to pursue mine,” Winston explained.

With it being his senior year, Winston has goals to have a good year, in basketball and track, whilst also keeping his grades in check. In college, he is striving to get into journalism and writing. He looks forward to graduating high school and going on to starting a new chapter in his life. 

All in all, Winston wants his peers to know that he is a nice guy and is someone anyone can talk to.