Athletic Staff

Westerville South athletic administrators Jeff Good and Amanda Crist. “We don’t take pictures!” exclaims Christ.

Jillian Pride, Business Manager/Secretary

One thing most students can agree on is their love and support for South’s sporting events. However, many may fail to realize all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make these events happen.

Each game, practice, or banquet is carefully planned and set up by the athletic department. The athletic department staff does a lot to ensure students are able to participate in sports. 

Amanda Crist, the athletic secretary, and Athletic Director Jeff Good, handle anything and everything involving athletics at Westerville South, including games, practices, and banquets for over 800 students and 70 coaches. 

“Mr. Good is not only hard-working, but a great person as a whole,”  senior Drey Carter said.

In a large school system it becomes easy for faculty to become somewhat “overlooked,”  Crist said. 

“I want to add that the kids and some of the parents I get to be around show me such appreciation at times-the kids are the reason I do this job,” Crist added. 

Crist and Good are appreciated by all of the staff and even more so by the students. It is clear that they do a lot for South, creating a safe environment for students where they feel like they are at home. While working, they have also been able to create bonds with students.  

“Mrs. Amanda is so nice and will help you with whatever you need, whether it’s related to something personal or something about school,” freshman Preston Penn said. 

The workload for both Crist and Good has increased due to more sports being added, for example, lacrosse, and the additional safety restrictions or procedures that are required by the CDS due to COVID-19.

According to Good, this has made availability as well as time limited, causing a tighter schedule to be maintained, to ensure safety for all athletes and coaches. 

Construction has also impacted the school and the administration. They have to balance practice times and games with minimal space.

Good schedules all games and practices, and Crist goes in to make sure everything is set up for the athletes and coaches. 

“It can be time consuming and difficult at times. It’s like a difficult puzzle,” Good stated regarding scheduling.

Crist also handles a lot of the eligibility aspects of the athletes which “can be consuming” mentioned Crist.

To ease some of the workload for the athletic administration, Crist asked for students to “be accountable, seek out the information needed regarding the sport that applies to you. Requirements and eligibility are crucial; it’s at your fingertips.”

It can be difficult for people to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes, Crist and Good have created a system that works for them.