Lauryn Swanson Finds the Right Place for Her


Madi O'Neill, Reporter

Lauryn Swanson is a Junior who is a multi-sport athlete and has recently committed to The University of Memphis for softball, stating, “I knew it was the right place for me.”

Swanson got her start in softball at a young age by seeing her sister play; and after some time, she decided that she would rather play than just watch the game.

She als0 shared that her two sisters are her biggest motivation. “They paved the way and showed me how to work hard in and out of school,” Swanson shared.  She also touched base on the fact that “… they always have my back and have taught me a lot of lessons.” 

While her family dynamic is larger and they may have differing opinions or interests, they always support each other and make sure their family unit stays an important part of their lives. She shared that she lives with her mom, dad, and her three sisters. 

Swanson also shared that during recruitment, “I wanted to make sure I made the right decision for the next four years of my life.” She also expressed that while the process was stressful, “When I went to visit Memphis and met my coaches in person, I knew that it was the right place for me.”

Swanson shared that even though her main hobbies include participating in softball, basketball, and track, playing sports does not give her a lot of free time; but, when she does get that time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family as well as chilling out and watching NBA basketball player, Stephen Curry. 

Swanson participates in school softball as well as travel softball. She explained how they offer her separate things.  Travel ball is a lot more competitive and challenging.  She said,  “School ball is a reminder to relax and enjoy the game I fell in love with.” While it may be less competitive, she is able to take more time to work on things. 

While she enjoys both, she does enjoy travel ball more due to the fact that it challenges her and she enjoys being challenged to be her best self at all times.

Overall, in the future Swanson hopes to finish college majoring in political science while having a successful softball career. After her undergrad, she plans on attending law school as well.