Should there be required PPE for shoppers?

Jack Kielmeyer

May 19, 2020

 Across the nation, stores like Costco and Menards are making the right choice by requiring shoppers to wear a mask or some level of personal protective equipment, PPE for short, in hopes of helping to slow the spread of the COVID...

Protestors rally against stay-at-home orders across the country

Nathan Gibbs

May 19, 2020

While healthcare workers around the country risk their lives each day to rescue our country’s most vulnerable from the pandemic that has transformed our world, conservative Americans across the United States have spent their ...

South Students Should Not Have to Attend Pep Rallies

Katelin Schweitzer

October 23, 2019

Pep rallies are great if you care about school spirit; it can be a great time for a school to be united and get excited about an upcoming game. Students who love pep rallies should feel free to go and have a great time. I a...

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