Wildcats Finish First Quarter; Look to Improve Next Quarter

Lily Meek, Reporter

When teachers say they want to help students, they really do.  Teachers want to help their students be successful and reach their full potential. 

“I allow students to make up for missing work, offer extra credit, and provide test retakes,” English teacher Jenny Freshly said. These are a few things Freshly said she does to help students improve their grades in her classes.

Math teacher Reston Randall said the first quarter is always hard because you are just getting back in the groove. Students are just getting back to school and getting used to school again. 

Science teacher Lauren Sefton said she “updates powerschool frequently.” She never leaves missing assignments unmarked on powerschool, so students in her classes can know what’s missing. Students worry about the first quarter, but English teacher Cassandra Coggburn said that the first quarter is a fresh start and it’s just one quarter.

Entering the second quarter, students at South have things that could be worked on. Freshly said students need to stay on top of their work from the beginning. She suggested building in routines to write down assignments and then checking the work list at the end of the day. 

In order to grow and be successful, students have to work hard and follow through in completing the work. Randall said “A great place to start is with how you budget your time.”   

Freshman Rowan Stacy said she usually uses the website quizlet to study for her classes. She also said she studies and completes assignments in her classes, which helps her to keep up with her grades and maintain them. 

Students have trouble asking for help especially when school work is involved. 

Coggburn said, “They (students) should always start with their teacher! But don’t wait until the end of the quarter. Ask for help when you first miss an assignment or don’t understand something.” 

Freshman Audrey Rice advised, “writing things down to remember them, and keep up with assignments.” Randall