Thanksgiving Traditions Take a Turn


This turkey can’t gobble anymore after a few hours of being in the smoker.

Kyleigh Eckert, Reporter

Families all around the United States sit down around a table on the fourth Thursday of November every year and fill their stomachs till it aches. This is all for a holiday most people learn about as children, Thanksgiving.

According to guests at the very first Thanksgiving meal are just as likely to have eaten turkey, as they were duck. A letter about the first feast written by the pilgrim chronicler Edward Winslow, said “our governor sent four men on fowling.” The fowling party could have returned back with a variety of different birds. It is unknown how Americans now associate turkey specifically with Thanksgiving. 

Westerville South Scribe surveyed students about the so-called “star” of Thanksgiving Dinner. Only 12% of people answered that “The Turkey” was their favorite part of their Thanksgiving meal. For people that don’t like turkey they may choose ham instead. 6.5% of people said that “The Ham” was their favorite. 

While many people chose turkey, It was definitely not the fan favorite. The top response was the mac and cheese. More than a quarter, 29.3%, of the students surveyed said that the macaroni and cheese was the star of Thanksgiving dinner. The second favorite food to eat for thanksgiving was “The Potato ” at 21.7%. Many different types of potatoes are served on Thanksgiving. Many families like mashed potatoes, some sweet potatoes or yams, others may stray for cheesy potatoes. 

Other foods served on the thanksgiving table could include pie, stuffing, casserole, a variety of sauces, and much more. 

Everyone knows someone, or has heard a story or has had something go terribly wrong on Thanksgiving day. Whether it’s forgetting to put the turkey in the oven, or arguing with family at the table, there are tons of fun stories you hear about the holiday mishaps. 

Senior Ava Kellar said, “My family from Pennsylvania started arguing with my siblings and I about politics, specifically the 2020 election.” 

Freshman Imani Akita said all of their side dishes were made and everyone started asking when the turkey would be done. Akita said, “My mom and I went to go check it and the oven was off the whole time.” 

Akita’s family ended up having to go to the store and buy two rotisserie chickens to eat instead. She said, “That was the best Thanksgiving yet, everyone was happy.”