Senioritis Plagues High School Seniors

Infographic depicting how seniors feel at the end of the school year.

Infographic depicting how seniors feel at the end of the school year.

Kyleigh Eckert

With the time left in the school year getting shorter, many high school seniors are skipping school, coming in late, leaving early, not turning in work, and flunking classes. Senioritis is on the minds of seniors since reaching the last 9 weeks of school. 

According to the term “senioritis” is a common affliction describing the lack of motivation felt by students who are reaching the end of their courses. 

Senior Andrea Reyes said, “My motivation was good the first semester; but by the second semester, I lost a lot of motivation and I am now over school.” 

Many students turn in assignments late during the last month of school. Principal Mike Hinze said, “We are still going strong with attendance; we do not normally see a huge drop until May.” 

Hinze said, “Every year there is at least one student that does not end up graduating because they failed a class their senior year, most likely due to senioritis.”  Motivation goes down during this time of year, but if you want to graduate you have to keep your grades up. 

One way to keep your grades up is by attending all of your classes. According to, students who don not come to school tend to have lower grades. Meaning students who come to school have higher average GPA’s than students who skip school or class. 

Senior Thatcher Dietz said, “I am late to school once out of every two weeks. This year I have felt less motivated to do things school wise, less studying, less homework time, ect.”  Senior Allie Kotik said, “Skipping school hasn’t affected my grades much, but this last quarter could definitely change that.” 

Another way seniors can maintain their GPA’s is to turn in assignments on time and not let the workload pile up. When students procrastinate once, they may start procrastinating all of the time or more often. If you let the work build up, it becomes tougher to finish and receive full credit. 

When students don’t come to school, where do they go? Kotik said, “I usually lay in my bed and watch netflix.” 

Dietz said, “If I don’t come to school it’s usually because I stayed up super late the night before and just want to catch up on some sleep. ” 

Reyes said, “My mom makes me come to school everyday, but I find it hard to pay attention in class and my phone is a big distraction.” Even when students come to school, motivation lacks, and they are easily distracted. A good way to fix this can be by putting phones away during class time. By putting phones in your backpacks it creates less temptation to get on them. 

It is the start of the 4th quarter, the home stretch of the school year, seniors hang in there and keep your grades up.